Don Rogelio’s Restaurant

The best-reviewed Tex-Mex restaurant by the Los Angeles Airport!

Authentic Tex-Mex Cuisine

          Don Rogelio’s is the highest-rated, best-reviewed restaurant in the Los Angeles Airport area – just ten minutes from the terminal.  Guests arrive at our Mexican village-style compound of wood-frame bungalows from the 1920’s, and can choose to dine in our quaint, rustic dining room, or in our grassy open-air patio.  Viola, the owner and host, will personally greet you, and before you even place your order she’ll have a basket of complementary chips, salsa, and beans on your table.  The menu offers an assortment of authentic Tex-Mex specialties from Viola’s family back in Corpus Christi.  Dishes like Guisada, Brisket, Barbecue Chicken, and her amazing “Green Chile Wet Burrito” will have you coming back again and again.

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By Viola Herera, Proprietor of Don Rogelio’s

The Los Angeles Times Review…

reviewed by Barbara Hansen on May 25, 2017

     “Viola Herrera makes extraordinary chile verde at her restaurant, Don Rogelio’s. The lively flavor comes from tomatillos, garlic, cumin and three types of chiles — güero, Anaheim and just a touch of serrano, so that the sauce won’t be too hot. The meat is a choice of pork or chicken.

     “Herrera has tasted chile verde all over town to see how hers stacks up. It comes with small, thick handmade tortillas, fresh salsa, chips and good beans and rice. “My customers have to have everything special,” she says.

      “Don Rogelio’s advertises Tex-Mex food because Herrera is from Corpus Christi, Texas. Rogelio was her late husband. The restaurant is in a quirky collection of brightly painted buildings. It’s decorated with random objects and artwork, including teddy bears, a cowboy hat and a framed photo of Pope John Paul II in the tiny comedor (dining room).

     “There are just four tables in the comedor, so most of the seating is outdoors on the patio. The main building houses a deli and kitchen with two small tables, which is where the restaurant started seven years ago.


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